Naivas Supermarket Fridge Prices

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In this article, we will cover Naivas supermarket fridge prices in Kenya. We will look at all the brands they stock and the costs.

Also, we will provide Naivas fridges reviews.

Ramtons Fridges on Naivas Supermarket Prices

1). Ramtons 527 L Led Fridge Rf/265

Naivas supermarket fridge prices

The Ramtons 527 L LED Fridge Rf/265 is an energy-efficient side-by-side refrigerator with a capacity of 527 Liters. 

It has got 4 transparent shelves, a silver finish, and LED lights inside the refrigerator. 

The ice cube tray is located on the door of this refrigerator so that you can easily get ice cubes whenever required. 

This fridge also features a freezer compartment which comes in handy when you want to store frozen food items. The overall dimension of this fridge is 177Cm X 90Cm X 70Cm.

The price of this Ramtons 527 is KSh 144,940 on Naivas Supermarket and Jumia.

2). Ramtons 213 L No Frost Fridge Silver Rf/282

Ramtons 213 L No Frost Fridge Silver Rf/282

This is a great Naivas fridge with many features. 

The 252-liter capacity allows for ample storage, the double lockable doors are perfect for keeping kids out of restricted areas, and the digital thermostat allows you to easily adjust the temperature inside your fridge. 

This refrigerator also comes with No Frost Technology so you can save on energy costs!

Buying this item will provide you with a great value along with all of its other benefits. Get yours today!

The Ramtons 213 L No Frost Fridge Silver Rf/282 Naivas Supermarket Fridge Prices is KSh 59,820.

3). Ramtons 450 L Silver Led Fridge Rf/297

Ramtons 450 L Silver Led Fridge Rf/297

Ramtons 450 L Silver Led Fridge Rf/297 is a Large Capacity Double Door No Frost LED Fridge with Interior Light and Transparent Shelves. 

Available at Naivas supermarket, this refrigerator can store up to 450 liters of food and drinks. 

It features a silver finish that complements any kitchen’s decor while its transparent shelves allow you to see what’s inside it without opening its doors. 

This refrigerator also comes with a freezer compartment where you can keep your frozen foods fresh for long periods of time.

Ramtons 450 L Silver Led Fridge Rf/297 Naivas Supermarket Fridge Prices is KSh 97,684.

4). Ramtons 371 L Fridge Rf/266

Ramtons 371 L Fridge prices on naivas

The Ramtons 371 L Fridge RF/266 is a double door refrigerator that comes with 20 CuFt of space. 

This refrigerator has no frost and the interior light allows you to see everything inside. 

The transparent shelf lets you view everything in your fridge without opening the doors, while also making it easier for you to clean.

It features a silver finish that will look great in any kitchen or bar area.

Ramtons 371 L Fridge RF/266 Naivas Supermarket Fridge Prices is KSh 77,740.

5). 170 Litres Single Door Direct Cool Fridge, Titan Silver- Rf/219

naivas fridges

The 170 Litres Single Door Direct Cool Refrigerator by 170 LITRES is a perfect fit for your kitchen. 

It comes with transparent shelves which allow you to keep an eye on the content of the fridge at all times.

The door has a soft close mechanism so that it does not slam shut, ensuring safety and peace of mind. 

This refrigerator will let you organize your food items in an efficient manner, keeping them fresh longer than other fridges available in the market.

You can find this fridge at Naivas supermarket going for KSh 36,120.

Samsung fridges prices on Naivas supermarket

Here are additional Naivas supermarket fridge prices, we are looking at Samsung fridges;

6). Samsung 2 Door Fridge Rt26Sa Silver

Samsung fridges prices on Naivas supermarket

Samsung’s RT26Sa 2 door fridge is the perfect choice for your kitchen. With a capacity of 213L, you can store all kinds of food and drinks. 

The LED lighting makes it easy to find what you are looking for. 

The frost-free evaporator means no more manual defrosting! It also has in-built cool packs so that you can keep perishable items fresh for longer.

The RT26Sa has an A+++ energy rating which will save on your electricity bill every month. 

This is one of the best fridges in Kenya and comes with a 12-months warranty as standard!

Samsung RT26Sa 2 door fridge price in Naivas supermarket is KSh 53,995.

7). Samsung Fridge Rr21J3146Sa/S8

Samsung Fridge Rr21J3146Sa/S8

The Samsung Fridge Rr21J3146Sa/S8 is a fridge with a capacity of 285 liters.

It has direct cool technology, which means that the temperature in the refrigerator compartment can be adjusted separately from the freezer compartment. 

Thus, it is possible to keep fresh food chilled without freezing ice cream or frozen food. 

The door of this model opens up to 180 degrees, making it easier to access its contents. 

Furthermore, this appliance features stabilizer-free operation and curved glass shelves for easy storage and display of your groceries.

Samsung Fridge Rr21J3146Sa/S8 price is KSh 33,995 at Naivas supermarket.

8). Samsung RT34K5552S8 Top Mount Freezer Refrigerator 302L

Samsung RT34K5552S8 Top Mount Freezer Refrigerator 302L

This Samsung refrigerator in Kenya features a No Frost top-mounted Refrigerator with twin cooling plus, Power freeze mode, and Power cool mode.

The convertible freezer provides extra storage space for frozen food items while the in-built cool pack helps to keep food fresh for longer. 

It comes with a moveable twist ice tray which allows you to easily create crushed or cubed ice whenever required. 

The large vegetable box is ideal for storing fruits and vegetables, while the chiller compartment can be used to store chilled beverages. 

This Samsung refrigerator also features an LED light in the fridge compartment, external temperature control.

Samsung RT34K5552S8 price is KSh 78,995 at Naivas supermarket.

9). Samsung Fridge #Rt40K5552S8

Samsung Fridge #Rt40K5552S8

The Samsung RT40K5552S8 is a top-mount refrigerator that features a no frost system. 

It comes with a twin cooling plus, which allows for the fridge to be cooled separately from the freezer, ensuring that your frozen food is kept at its best quality. 

The power freeze mode chills down your freezer compartment in an instant while the power cool mode keeps your fresh food chilled for longer. 

This product has a convertible freezer with a moveable twist ice tray and a large vegetable box. 

It also has a chiller compartment for keeping all of your meat separate from the rest of the stuff.

Samsung Fridge #Rt40K5552S8 price is KSh 84,995 at Naivas supermarket.

Naivas Supermarket Fridge Prices: LG Fridges

10). L.G. Fridge 374 L Bottom Freezer Black Gcb459Nqdz

Naivas Supermarket Fridge Prices: LG Fridges

L.G. Fridge 374 L Bottom Freezer Gcb459Nqdz is a top-quality product that lets you enjoy the best of refrigeration with its smart technology and multiple compartments to keep food fresh for longer periods of time. 

The Smart ThinQ™ feature helps you monitor your fridge via an app on your smartphone or tablet, giving you access to information about the temperature in your fridge at all times. 

There are also other features like Total No Frost, Energy Class A++, and Moist Balance Crisper™ which make this refrigerator perfect for storing foods.

L.G. Fridge 374 L Bottom Freezer Gcb459Nqdz price is KSh 129,995 at Naivas supermarket.

11). L.G. Gc-B369Nlim Bottom Freezer Refrigerator 335L

L.G. Gc-B369Nlim Bottom Freezer Refrigerator 335L

LG Gc-B369Nlim Bottom Freezer Refrigerator is a no frost refrigerator with 335L capacity. 

It features ThinQ technology, an internal temperature control panel, and LED lighting. 

The LG Gc-B369Nlim has a Smart diagnosis function which helps you to identify the problem as well as its solution through a voice guide. 

This smart refrigerator has Door cooling technology which allows it to cool the door first and then spread the coolness inside for better energy efficiency. 

With Express freeze function, you can freeze food quickly and preserve your frozen food for a longer time period. 

LG Gc-B369Nlim price is KSh 101,995 at Naivas supermarket.

12). LG Fridge Double Door GL-M492GLDL

LG Fridge Double Door GL-M492GLDL

The LG GL-M492GLDL double door fridge is a stylish addition to your kitchen. 

It has an elegant design that fits in with any interior, and it has a host of features that make it easy to use. 

The Smart Inverter Compressor technology provides precise temperature control for optimum cooling performance. 

This results in efficient energy consumption and a longer lifespan for the compressor. 

The Icebeam Door Cooling™ System cools the inner glass surface of the refrigerator door by as much as 10 degrees Celsius below room temperature, so you can store food safely.

 LG GL-M492GLDL double door fridge price is KSh 104,172 at Naivas supermarket.

Other Naivas Supermarket Fridge Prices;

Hotpoint 1 Door Fridge Varm-08Dmw/Hrd-081 White 92 Litre Mini FridgeFreezer CompartmentWired Shelves3 Door RacksVegetable BoxLock and Key8 pcs Egg HolderIce TrayKSh 17,680
Haier Fridge Hrd-1905Cbs 170 LitresFreezer Cooling Technology: Direct CoolingChiller Compartment: YesVegetable Crisper: YesNo of Shelves: 2Reversible doors: 2
KSh 27,995
Haier Fridge Hrd 210Mp Total Gross Capacity (L): 190 LitresVoltage / Frequency (V/Hz): 220/50Freezer Cooling Technology: Direct CoolingControl System: MechanicalHandles: YesLock: YesKSh 29,995
Mika Double Door Fridge Mrdcd70Sbr S/Slv Capacity: 118 LitresPower: 80WDouble doorVC Filter – Germ BusterCool Pack – Maintains cold during power cutsGlass shelvesLarge freezer sectionTwist Ice tray providedEgg TrayLarge vegetable boxLock & KeyCFC FreeDefrost FunctionHigh voltage tolerance compressor 220V-240V
KSh 29,995

We will keep updating Naivas supermarket fridge prices here, so keep checking.

In the meantime, see how fridges work in Kenya.

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